Who is running the north block now?

The question pops up in everyone’s mind, provided they follow Ministry of Finance.

With a day or two, after the resignation of renowed economist and Former Chief Economic advisor, Arvind Subramanium. The question comes to mind is who is running the ministry, is it Goel Saab or Arun Jaitley?. With latter being diagnosed recently and blogging frequently. :p

Theories/ rumours includes,

1) is there any media proxy war between Goyal Saab and Jaitley ji?

2) may be media turnishing the image of both

Anyways rumours are just ****

But the man who made a scapegoat of it is Arvind Subramanium. Who just quit and ran from beautiful north block hills to discharge his family obligations. Which we should respect with no objection.

Again a failure in the feather of Modi govt., unable to find a suitable candidate for Chief statistian. Earlier in the list being a long struggle by the Modi govt. to find a suitable candidate for RBI(mint road) deputy governor post which is being counted as crucial, offcourse it is key post to handle issues related to banking supervision. Which being taken care after the long list of scams.

Let’s look at the key things which garnered the relationship between CEA and Jaitley ji

1) advocated microeconomic strategy to resolve the Twin balance sheet challenge (which is still bugging the Indian banking system)

2) yes off course worked with govt. to strategize GST from GST council to GST rates shoulder to shoulder with bureaucrats

3) JAM (Jan dhan-Adhaar-Mobile) trinity farsighted vision of Modi to eradicate corruption in the system.

4) and Missing girls in the Economic survey which every Indian knew but have less courage to speak about/less talked about.

Over all the term of Arvind sir was good one. He is the one who has respect across party line and a happy boss (which one ?)

Anyways, with 56′ chest PM, let’s see how quickly we will be able to find a suitable candidate for CEA.


Till sometime Mr. Anonymous.

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